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The Ultimate Fighting Championships Are Coming To South Dakota

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The Ultimate Fighting Championships, or UFC, are bringing nationally televised mixed martial arts competition to South Dakota this summer.

Two years ago – this would not have been possible.

The UFC scheduled its first fight in Sioux Falls at the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center on July 13th.   

Chris Semrau is the Assistant General Manager of the Sanford PREMIER Center. He has been working to bring a UFC event to Sioux Falls since the sport was sanctioned. He says it’s a huge get for the city of Sioux Falls, the state of South Dakota, and the region.

"I don’t think people are going to realize how big of a deal it is, until it’s done. It’s nationally televised; they’re here for almost a week setting up. It’s a major, major impact locally from hotels and restaurants, and shopping," explains Semrau. "And they’re going to bring in some fantastic athletes that are going to compete and help showcase the [Denny Sanford] PREMIER Center in Sioux Falls across the country."

Semrau says Sioux Falls is getting a major UFC event before some of the bigger cities in the area - including Kansas City.

State lawmakers established the South Dakota Sports Commission in 2014.  This move sanctioned mixed martial arts and opened the door for UFC competitions like this.

This event in Sioux Falls is billed as ‘UFC Fight Night 91’ and set to air on Fox Sports One.

Tickets are expected to go on sale near the end of May. For more information, click here.