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NCAA Games Offer Opportunity In Sioux Falls


People in Sioux Falls are preparing to host a round of NCAA basketball. Friday and Sunday Division I Women’s Basketball attracts players and fans from the University of South Carolina, Ohio State, Syracuse and the University of Tennessee.

Mayor Mike Huether says the combination of visitors and ESPN’s coverage of the regional tournament offer an economic development advantage for Sioux Falls.

"There’s quality of life, because we’re going to have a ton of fun watching the games, but also certainly we’re gonna bring these people in, they’re gonna spend some money, hopefully they’ll come back – but also there’s all that incredible exposure that we’re getting over and over again by having these on national TV," Huether says.

The Sioux Falls mayor says not everyone is impressed that the South Dakota city is hosting, but he says residents can prove the critics wrong. Huether says government workers are making sure streets are clear of trash and that roads are properly managed during winter conditions. He encourages homeowners and people who run businesses to pick up garbage and spruce up their properties ahead of the weekend games.