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Viborg-Hurley, A Friendship Worth 2,000 Points

In South Dakota, a basketball player scoring 2,000 points in her high school career is somewhat rare. In early February, Abby Hora of Viborg-Hurley became the 24th player in South Dakota history to join the 2,000 point club. While Hora may get the credit in the stat book – her lifelong friendship with a teammate on the court is what made the 2,000 point journey memorable.

It was the final home game of the season for Viborg-Hurley as they hosted Bridgewater-Emery on February 8. Entering the game, Hora needed 20 points to reach 2,000. In just the first quarter, she put up eleven.

Midway through the game, Hora needed just one point to reach the milestone. She fielded a pass on the right wing and knocked in the three-pointer.

While the 2,000-point club is a pedestal that only a few athletes will ever reach, Hora says it doesn’t mean all that much to her.

"It’s a great honor and I’m proud of it, but it wasn’t my goal," says Hora. "It wasn’t my goal to get 2,000 points, I need to get 3,000 points – it was never a goal like that."

Hora says the moment was special because she got to share it with her best friend and teammate Duana Lee. 

Lee was born on the Rosebud Indian Reservation and at the age of four came to Viborg as a foster child. Her parents, Kristi and Denny Lee, took her in and later adopted her. But this is just part of Lee’s story…

"I was born with one arm. I think it was due to my mom smoking and drinking during the pregnancy," says Lee. "I would say that I haven’t known any better that I couldn’t, nobody has told me I couldn’t do anything because I have one arm."

Lee and Hora met and became friends as young children. Hora says it meant everything that Lee was able to get the assist for her 2000th point.

"Well I told her going into that game, “you’re giving me this assist for 2,000 Duana. I want you to give it to me.” But when she had that assist, it’s just kind of cool because we’ve grown up so much together, we’re best friends," says Hora. "It’s just another moment we can share together, along with all these other ones. It’s just kind of special in that way."

Yes Lee only has one arm, but she doesn’t let that hold her back in the way she helps her team on the court.

"I just do everything everyone else does, except with one arm," explains Lee. "I think with shooting I’m at my best, although I’m not a very good ball handler."

Last year Viborg-Hurley made it to the Class B Girls State Tournament. This year, they fell short in the District 10B Championship game with Irene-Wakonda, losing 51-48.

Next year, Hora will attend and play basketball for Augustana University, while Lee is hoping to attend the University of Sioux Falls and study social work. Even though their time with girls basketball at Viborg-Hurley is over, their friendship and the memories of playing together will always remain.

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