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Sioux Falls To Host Eight NCAA Events


The NCAA has chosen Sioux Falls as the host city for eight sports events. The first one happens in March of 2015, and the last championship announced is scheduled for May 2018.

Wes Hall is the executive director of the Sioux Falls Sports Authority.
"The list will include men’s and women’s Division II basketball, Division II women’s volleyball, Division II of wrestling, and Division II men’s and women’s outdoor track and field," Hall says. "And in addition to that, Augustana also won bids for regional cross country in 2016, and regional wrestling in ‘16 as well."
Hall says the NCAA championships are also slated for events at the Sanford Pentagon, the Denny Sanford Premier Center, and facilities at the University of Sioux Falls. He says the NCAA sees the opportunities in a city the size of Sioux Falls, which has the infrastructure in place to support major sporting events.

"But also being small enough to where you aren’t driving 30-40 minutes in traffic to get to a competition venue; everything in Sioux Falls is 15 minutes away," Hall says. "Having a community where, when the NCAA comes in, hey, you’re a big fish in a small pond at this point. Coverage is not going to be lost because of other things going on in the city."

Hall says Sioux Falls leaders and private businesses have invested significant time and money into establishing venues and a greater community that welcome major events.

Visit the NCAA's website for a complete list of championship venues.

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