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Jackrabbits vs Coyotes

College football’s regular season ends for The University of South Dakota and South Dakota State University on Saturday.  The Jackrabbits and Coyotes meet in Brookings Saturday afternoon.  S-D-S-U has won seven of its ten games this year—and could earn a playoff spot with a win over U-S-D.  But Jackrabbit Offensive Coordinator Eric Eidsness (EYEDS-ness) says his team needs to finish the job at hand.

“Don’t look ahead to the playoffs—look ahead to USD, because if we don’t look at USD, we don’t get to the playoffs.  Don’t look ahead to North Dakota State, because we went to Southern Illinois, and we had to win that game.  Really, it’s just staying focuses on whatever the situation is that you’re under, says Eidsness.”

More than 16 thousand people are expected to attend the game at Coughlin-Alumni Stadium Saturday—it’s the first time in nearly a decade the two schools have met in football.