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Rogue moose takes up residence in Rapid City

A rogue moose is on the lam in Rapid City. Since taking up residence, she’s led residents on a weeklong wild moose chase.

While seeming to enjoy the amenities of Rapid City, wildlife officials aren’t certain where precisely this moose came from.

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks regional wildlife supervisor Mike Klosowski said moose are native to the Black Hills, though never in large numbers.

“They do focus their time and their living in the northern hemisphere in large, forested areas and they also really like cooler weather, they don’t like to be in states that have hotter weather," Klosowski said. "So, South Dakota, pretty warm in the summertime, even back in the day there likely wasn’t a very high population of moose.”

Klosowski said if you wake up with the animal on your property, enjoy the amusement - but don't approach

“First thing I’d say is admire you have a moose in your driveway and maybe pour yourself another cup of coffee," Klosowski said. "Really the thing we really want local folks here to do if they see the moose is give it some space.”

He says GFP unfortunately had to euthanize a moose in the area few years ago - but that’s a last resort.

“The desired outcome here is the moose eventually says ‘ya know, I think I liked it better out in the country,’ and slowly moves in that direction – maybe follows Rapid Creek out of town or something like that and just goes in another direction," Klosowski said. "That’s what our hope is.”

Klosowski said GFP is tracking moose sightings and encouraged Rapid City residents to call the Outdoor Campus West to report its whereabouts. The Outdoor Campus West can be reached at (605)394-2310

C.J. Keene is a Rapid City-based journalist covering the legal system, education, and culture