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South Dakota's 'Pebble Beach' and the utility of golf carts

This video comes from SDPB's arts & life program, Dakota Life.

In the 1980s, Springfield volunteers set out to build a scenic 9-hole golf course on the bluffs on the Missouri River, modeled after California’s famed Pebble Beach.

Since the Springfield Golf Club opened, golf has changed the look and feel of Springfield. Just stroll through downtown, and you can’t help but notice dozens of golf carts parked in parking lots or on local streets.

Established in 1993, Mr. Golf Car sells new electric and gas-powered golf cars and refurbishes used ones.

Many are bought for use at Dakota Pebble Beach, but some say golf carts aren’t just used for golf anymore.

People use them for farm work or hunting, yard work, or as an alternative for local transportation.

It was a tough assignment, but yours truly went deep inside the world of golf and golf carts to see how they’re changing the face of Springfield.