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2020 Wall Regional High School Rodeo Results

2020 Wall High School Regional Rodeo

Wall, South Dakota hosted their high school regional rodeo this past weekend. Here are the full results from the event. Sturgis will host a regional high school rodeo event this coming weekend as well. The South Dakota High School Rodeo Finals are scheduled to take place in Ft. Pierre on June 16-20.

High Point Team: Sturgis Brown

Boys All-Around: Bodie Mattson

Boys Rookie: Caden Stoddard

Girls All-Around: Landry Haugen

Girls Rookie: Landry Haugen

First Rodeo Results

Bareback Riding
9.5Cooper FlipeckRC Central58
9.5Jhett KnightRed Cloud58
8Teigen RobertstonNew Underwood50
Barrel Racing
10Landry HaugenSturgis Brown16.767
9Jaycie WestNew Underwood16.908
8Bridget RomeyWestern Christian16.915
7Wregan BrownSturgis Brown17.139
6Camri EishereWall17.31
5Tae HeathershawBennett County17.315
4T MerrillWall17.37
3Tessa CaspersNew Underwood17.395
2Jessica WoodwardCuster17.654
1Shania LariveSturgis Brown17.672
Breakaway Roping
10Jaycie WestNew Underwood3.55
9Bridget RomeyWestern Christian3.57
8Camri EishereWall3.8
7Kassidy SawvellWall4.39
6Sierra HilgenkampWall4.46
5Tessa CaspersNew Underwood4.65
4Shania LariveSturgis Brown9.71
3Kylene BakerHot Springs12.52
2Landry HaugenSturgis Brown13.04
1Jessica WoodwardCuster13.21
Bull Riding
10Jack RodenbaughNew Underwood69
9Thayne EishereSturgis Brown67
8Jestyn WoodwardCuster60
7Kane GrantSturgis Brown55
6Braxtyn JanisLittle wound46
Boy's Cutting
10Bodie MattsonSturgis Brown72
9Caden StoddardKadoka71
8Carter FortuneWall65
Goat Tying
10Landry HaugenSturgis Brown7.56
9Acelyn BrinkBelle Fourche8.24
8Camri EishereWall8.52
7Kassidy SawvellWall8.57
6Isabel RisseBennett County9.01
5Hollie SmithNew Underwood9.11
4Jaden CrowserNew Underwood9.4
3Jessica WoodwardCuster9.67
2Tessa CaspersNew Underwood10.2
1Allison ClemetsonHill City10.79
Girl's Cutting
10T MerrillWall69
9Jimmie HuntRC Christian68.5
8Jayme PetersonBelle Fourche68
6.5Elizabeth HaiarRC Stevens65
6.5Landry HaugenSturgis Brown65
5Allison ClemetsonHill City64
4Sophia MeyerSt. Thomas More61
Pole Bending
10Bridget RomeyWestern Christian20.777
9Landry HaugenSturgis Brown20.9
8Tessa CaspersNew Underwood21.559
7Leaha PaulyBennett County22.001
6Sierra HilgenkampWall22.316
5Laney FanningBennett County22.436
4Samantha HuberNew Underwood22.632
3Sidney PetersonSturgis Brown22.669
2Sophia MeyerSt. Thomas More22.74
1Wregan BrownSturgis Brown22.831
Reined Cow Horse
10Bodie MattsonSturgis Brown138.5
9Jordyn BuettnerRC Central132
8Jimmie HuntRC Christian131.5
7Traylin MartinSturgis Brown131
6Elizabeth HaiarRC Stevens127
Saddle Bronc
10Talon ElshereSturgis Brown66
9Clint DonaldsonSturgis Brown63
7.5Malcolm HeathershawWall56
7.5Traylin MartinSturgis Brown56
Steer Wrestling
10Bridger AmiotteWall5.3
9Logan LemmelSturgis Brown5.55
8Rio NutterRC Central6.73
7Brayden BurrusRC Central7.17
6Bodie MattsonSturgis Brown7.39
5Garrett BrewerNew Underwood9.17
4Tegun SpringWall16.61
Team Roping
10Rio NutterRC Central8.51
10Bodie MattsonSturgis Brown8.51
9Jacoby HeathershawBennett County10.21
9Jade BryneBennett County10.21
8Jayme PetersonBelle Fourche14.69
8Landry HaugenSturgis Brown14.69
7Cade LockhartHot Springs17.33
7Brynn ThompsonHot Springs17.33
6Stran WilliamsWall28.73
6Cedar AmiotteWall28.73
5Tegan FiteCuster29
5Chance DernerNew Underwood29
4Blair BlassiusWall39.02
4Carter FortuneWall39.02
3Kaitlin GerardEdgemont39.48
3Slater TopleStanley County39.48
Tie Down Roping
10Chance DernerNew Underwood12.2
9Josh WomackNewscastle13.17
8Matthew HeathershawWall14.43
7Tegan FiteCuster17.47
6Kipp CordesWall17.83
5Stran WilliamsWall21.71
4Traylin MartinSturgis Brown21.77
3Cade LockhartHot Springs24.82
2Tristan HunterSioux County25.48
1Ryan KoupalEdgemont29.59

Second Rodeo Results

Bareback Riding
PtsAthleteSchool Score
10Jhett KnightRed Cloud61
9Cooper Flipek RC Central57
Barrel Racing
PtsAthleteSchool Score
10Landry HaugenSturgis Brown16.737
9Sophia MeyerSt. Thomas More16.956
8Shania LariveSturgis Brown16.978
7Wregan BrownSturgis Brown17.001
6Jenna ElshereWall17.047
5Sidney PetersonSturgis Brown17.098
4Tessa CaspersNew Underwood17.212
3Shelby DernerNew Underwood17.291
2Bridget RomeyWestern Christian17.297
1Leaha PaulyBennett County17.39
Breakaway Roping
PtsAthleteSchool Score
10Camri ElshereWall2.9
9Jessica WoodwardCuster3.8
8Sierra HilgenkampWall3.92
7Kenadi RisingRC Stevens3.98
6Sidney PetersonSturgis Brown4.01
5Wregan BrownSturgis Brown4.24
4Landry HaugenSturgis Brown4.3
3Shelby DernerNew Underwood4.74
2Samantha HubertNew Underwood4.75
1Acelyn BrinkBelle Fourche5.42
Bull Riding
PtsAthleteSchool Score
10Thayne ElshereSturgis Brown70
9Trayton JanisLittle Wound62
8Dakohta ReynoldsRC Central52
Boy's Cutting
PtsAthleteSchool Score
10Carter FortuneWall72
9Caden StoddardKadoka71
8Bodie MattsonSturgis Brown70
Goat Tying
PtsAtheteSchool Score
10Landry HaugenSturgis Brown7.62
9T MerrillWall8.14
8Isabel RisseBennett County8.21
7Camri ElshereWall8.57
6Hollie SmithNew Underwood9.09
5Kylene BakerHot Springs9.19
4Kassidy SawvellWall9.48
3Tessa CaspersNew Underwood9.67
2Kiara BrownSturgis Brown10.42
1Jessica WoodwardCuster10.51
Girl's Cutting
PtsAthleteSchool Score
10Landry HaugenSturgis Brown74
9Elizabeth HaiarRC Stevens72
8Sidney PetersonSturgis Brown71.5
6.5Jayme PetersonBelle Fourche68.5
6.5Jimmie HuntRC Christian68.5
5T MerrillWall68
4Sophia MeyerSt. Thomas More67
3Allison ClemetsonHill City64
Pole Bending
10Landry HaugenSturgis Brown20.733
9T MerrillWall21.336
8Tessa CaspersNew Underwood21.438
7Acelyn BrinkBelle Fourche21.671
6Shania LariveSturgis Brown21.878
5Jaycie WestNew Underwood22.111
4Samantha HubertNew Underwood22.13
3Monet DrolcRC Central22.18
2Wregan BrownSturgis Brown22.35
1Camri ElshereWall22.425
Reined Cow Horse
10Bodie MattsonSturgis Brown135.5
9Elizabeth HaiarRC Stevens134
7.5Traylin MartinSturgis Brown130
7.5Sidney PetersonSturgis Brown130
6Jimmie HuntRC Christian124
Saddle Bronc
9.5Clint DonaldsonSturgis Brown69
9.5Talon ElshereSturgis Brown69
8Malcolm HeathershawWall57
7Luke ThompsonNew Underwood52
6Zane HoweRC Central50
Steer Wrestling
10Logan LemmelSturgis Brown4.17
9Kolter ClarkNew Underwood6.49
8Tegun SpringWall6.53
7Brayden BurrusRC Central8.01
6Bridger AmiotteWall12.71
Team Roping
10Jayme PetersonBelle Fourche9.53
10Landry HaugenSturgis Brown9.53
9Garrett GlinesChadron11.93
9Tristan HunterSioux County11.93
8Rio NutterRC Central13.42
8Bodie MattsonSturgis Brown13.42
7Tegan FiteCuster14.59
7Chance DernerNew Underwood14.59
6Stran WilliamsWall15.21
6Cedar AmiotteWall15.21
5Bridger AmiotteWall18.31
5Matthew HeathershawWall18.31
4Hollie SmithNew Underwood20.73
4Brayden BurrusRC Central20.73
3Jacoby HeathershawBennett County29.27
3Jade BryneBennett County29.27
2Caden StoddardKadoka30.44
2Eastan WestNew Underwood30.44
1Seth HubertNew Underwood32.46
1Luke ThompsonNew Underwood32.46
Tie Down Roping
10Chance DernerNew Underwood9.37
9Rio NutterRC Central11.65
8Ryan KoupalEdgemont13.36
7Jacoby HeathershawBennett County15.07
6Ridge WardBennett County15.11
5Eastan WestNew Underwood17.1
4Garrett GlinesChadron21.69
3Traylin MartinSturgis Brown22.68
2Cade HammerstromNew Underwood22.74
1Brynn ThompsonHot Springs26.27

Weekend High Point Winners

Bareback Riding: Jhett Knight

Barrel Racing: Landry Haugen

Breakaway Roping: Camri Elshere

Bull Riding: Thayne Elshere

Boys Cutting: Bodie Mattson and Caden Stoddard

Goat Tying: Landry Haugen

Girls Cutting: Landry Haugen

Nate Wek is currently the sports content producer and sports and rec beat reporter for South Dakota Public Broadcasting. He is a graduate of South Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism Broadcasting and a minor in Leadership. From 2010-2013 Nate was the Director of Gameday Media for the Sioux Falls Storm (Indoor Football League) football team. He also spent 2012 and 2013 as the News and Sports Director of KSDJ Radio in Brookings, SD. Nate, his wife Sarah, and two kids Braxan and Jordy, live in Canton, SD.