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Can Psychedelics Cure?

Episode 15

Hallucinogenic drugs—popularly called psychedelics—have been used by human societies for thousands of years. Today, scientists are taking a second look at many of these mind-altering substances – both natural and synthetic – and discovering that they can have profoundly positive clinical impacts, helping patients struggling with a range of afflictions from addiction to depression and PTSD.

Aired: 10/18/22
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Working at Huawei can be intense - six day weeks and 12 hour days are the norm.
A Black family uses DNA technology to unlock secrets of the past.
Today, Malaria is considered a tropical disease, but it wasn’t always that way.
About 80% of deaths caused by Malaria annually are young children, below the age of five.
A tech war between China and the West is starting to heat up.
How has this unique structure, built on a seismic fault, survived centuries of quakes?
How did early engineers carve tombs into rock cliffs and funnel water to this desert city?
A family turns to science in their struggle to rediscover a history obscured by slavery.
Elevate lighting and audio with these techniques to highlight creative storytelling
An ancient catastrophe killed nearly all life on Earth - and an asteroid wasn’t to blame.
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