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Scientists Make Rare Discovery in Active Volcano

Season 50 Episode 8 | 2m 58s

The volcano that produced one the most powerful eruptions in history has a twin, and it’s more active than scientists thought.

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Witness the dramatic history of Earth, from its birth to the emergence of humanity.
How did life survive on a planet covered in ice from pole to pole?
See how life made the leap to land, turning a barren landscape into a lush, green world.
See how Earth transformed from a barren hellscape to a planet capable of sustaining life.
Could a small mammal take down a dinosaur?
The first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in the US is being built off Massachusetts.
An international investigation into the fatal submersible implosion is underway.
A pilot program in Phoenix, Arizona aims to cool the city by making the ground less hot.
An injury cost Phineas Gage part of his brain, but he lost something else too.
Some people can do complex behaviors like walking and driving while sleeping.
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