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Attenborough’s Wonder of Song

Season 41 Episode 13 | 53m 18s

David Attenborough presents seven of the most remarkable animal songs found in nature and explores the significance of these songs in the lives of their species.

Aired: 05/02/23 | Expires: 05/31/23
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Despite its size, the peacock mantis shrimp packs a killer punch.
This mother humpback whale won't let anything get between her and her calf.
Spy Dolphin captures one of the greatest dolphin megapods ever filmed.
As the storm builds, lobsters gather together for safety.
The skin of a cuttlefish shows its emotional state.
The courtship rituals of blue-spotted mudskippers are as bizarre as their looks.
In the tropical paradise of Belize, the hermit crabs have a problem.
Male Japanese pufferfish build exquisite sand sculptures to attract a mate.
An unlikely ally helps a coconut octopus escape sharks.
Two platypus come together to mate.
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