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Has Journalism Always Been This Stressful?

Season 25 Episode 11 | 8m 52s

As news evolved over the last 40 years from a single daily paper or nightly news show to something that's pushed 24/7, a mental health crisis has taken shape in our newsrooms as journalists race to cover traumatic events and get the most views.

The role and meaning of sound is explored in an unconventional documentary experience.
NASA psychologists prepare astronauts for the extreme isolation of a Mars mission.
Inside the family-run newspaper keeping local journalism alive.
An Alaska Native family faces backlash from environmentalists due to whale hunting.
What are the challenges facing local journalists?
Meet the Mexican guest workers who leave their families to plant trees across America.
It's not always easy to spot the difference between facts and opinion.
Facing Parkinson's disease, three Americans navigate their lives with determination.
Farmers persevere through climate change, industrialization, and mental health crises.
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The central mystery of this unconventional documentary is the nature of sound itself.
NASA psychologists prepare astronauts for the extreme isolation of a Mars mission.
For Native Alaskans living on a tiny Bering Sea island, if you don’t hunt, you die.
Three people navigate their lives with determination in the face of Parkinson’s disease.
A crew of 12 Mexican tree planters travel the United States regrowing America’s forests.
Midwestern families deal with unseen mental health issues affecting farmers in America.
Women and LGBTQ+ journalists launch startup The 19th* to buck a broken news media system.
A nun with stage IV cancer teaches others that death doesn’t have to be the end.
A public housing community in Miami becomes ground zero for climate gentrification.
In Palm Springs, a Black neighborhood fights to remove a divisive wall of trees.