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Vintage Las Vegas 2021, Hour 2

Episode 13 | 52m 29s

Have the values of Vegas treasures—including a 1943 Albert Einstein letter, an early 20th-century gold signet ring collection, and a Louis Comfort Tiffany seascape oil from around 1880—gone up, down, or stayed the same since 2007? Place your bets!

Aired: 10/08/23 | Expires: 11/06/23
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Appraisal: Over-the-shoulder Saxhorn, ca. 1865
Appraisal: 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games Banner
Appraisal: Diamond & Pearl Necklace, ca. 1905
Appraisal: Royal Doulton Sung Ware Bowl, ca. 1930
Appraisal: Maw & Company Encaustic Tile Panel, ca. 1870
Appraisal: Lookouts Baseball Team Collection, ca. 1945
Appraisal: 1866 Currier & Ives Lookout Mountain Lithograph
Appraisal: 1826 P. & E.W. Blake Model 1822 Rifle
Appraisal: Rookwood Pottery Collection
Appraisal: Rolex Red Submariner Watch, ca. 1970
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