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Radicalization & leaked government secrets on Discord

On today's show...

Jack Teixeira had different personas in real life and online. Offline, the active airman had security clearance. On the gaming and chat platform Discord, he spread hate speech, graphic content and government secrets.

Samuel Oakford, a Washington Post reporter, talks about online radicalization, flaws in the security clearance system and more in PBS FRONTLINE's "The Discord Leaks."

Seth Tupper, editor-in-chief of South Dakota Searchlight, brings us his analysis of what Gov. Kristi Noem said — and didn't say — in her budget address. Plus, does the state need to do more to address invasive zebra mussels?

Nancy Hilding is president of the Prairie Hills Audubon Society. She shares how to join the Christmas Bird Count this year. And parents be warned: Make sure your children are bundled up and have their own pair of binoculars during the count.

Learn more about Christmas Bird Count locations.

Visual artist Signe Stuart says her artwork isn't finished until it has been seen and interpreted by a viewer.

You can see and interpret the former South Dakota State University professor's work at "Signe Stuart: Events in Time and Space" at the South Dakota Art Museum. The exhibit runs through the end of March 2024.

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