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Does 'Freedom Works Here' accurately represent South Dakota?

On today's show...

If you can’t bring the patrons to the library, bring the library to the patrons. Terri Davis, director of the Rapid City Public Library, gives us an update on their upcoming bookmobile.

Lura Roti for SDPB introduces us to a few Union Center and White Owl women who are finding ways to support their communities through entrepreneurship.

Our Dakota Political Junkies analyze South Dakota's "Freedom Works Here" worker recruitment campaign. The state needs more workers, but are these ads accurate?

Mike Card, Ph.D., and Jon Hunter join the show to talk about who the ads target, what they say and what they don't say.

The leaves are changing and so is the season. Erik Helland, president and CEO of the Landscape Garden Centers, has tips to prepare your yard for fall.

Plus, art and science collide at a new exhibition at Black Hills State University.

Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick are the Sanford Underground Research Facility's Artist-in-Residence team. They got weird with their art to help people visualize the crazy science happening a mile underground.

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