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What does it mean to be an organ donor in South Dakota?

An economist has ideas for making the market for organ donations more efficient.
Several different organs can be donated.

On today's show...

South Dakota State University professor Jihong Cole-Dai, Ph.D., dives into the research he did on Greenland’s ice sheet.

The 2023 South Dakota Shakespeare Festival starts on Sunday. We talk with two actors about the festival, the bard and the Shakespearean women whose shoes they’ll step into.

After Congress sharply criticized the national organ donation system, we wanted a local take.

Susan Mau Larson is chief strategy officer at LifeSource, the Upper Midwest’s organ procurement organization. Josh Weiland’s mother left a legacy after her death and saved seven lives through organ donation. Tim Bjork had a lifesaving heart transplant in 2006.

All three discuss the state of organ donation in South Dakota and beyond. And they dive into the profound impact of a ticked box at the DMV.

Kevin Woster wades into a conundrum at French Creek.

Plus, author Martinus Evans talks about making the race course inclusive for runners of all speeds and body types.

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