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Planning for the future: Securing agricultural legacies

Farmers saw the administration's proposal as a threat to their way of life
What do farmers leave behind for future generations?

On today's show...

South Dakotans can now get nose-to-nose with honeybees at the South Dakota Discovery Center. A new observational hive is available for all to witness the wonder that happens amidst the honeycombs.

Rhea Waldman, Ph.D., is the executive director of the center. She shares the lessons visitors can learn from the hive and what her staff has already learned about beekeeping.

SDPB'S Nate Wek brings us a recap of the state tennis tournaments. He explains why certain neighborhoods tend to have more tennis stars than others.

Heather Gessner is an expert at helping farmers and ranchers navigate the complex world of estate planning. She joins to explain what farmers should keep in mind when planning for the future.

We take a moment for concrete dinosaurs in the Black Hills.

W. Carter Johnson, Ph.D., explains the ecological processes behind South Dakota's landscapes. He breaks down why West River looks so different from East River and unpacks his book "Ecology of Dakota Landscapes."

Plus, we'll preview the music of the BeethoVAN. The mobile stage can bring classical performances to anywhere in the state big enough to fit a trailer.

Mike Ray, communications manager at South Dakota Mines, and Brett Walfish, executive director of the Rushmore Music Festival, discuss how the project took shape and the challenges of moving a baby grand piano.

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