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Consider sustainability when crafting summer travel plans

Kealey Bultena

On today's In the Moment...

Monday was Veto Day in South Dakota. Lawmakers gathered for the final day of the session to vote on Gov. Kristi Noem's vetoes.

SDPB's Lee Strubinger joins with an in-depth analysis of the day and the legislative session as a whole.

Ashley Ragsdale is the executive director of On Call with the Prairie Doc. She previews an upcoming episode that details the winding path through medical school every doctor must traverse.

Also, in a warming world, can vacationers ethically hop on a plane or drive cross country?

Rick Steves, one of America's most respected travel experts, says yes. Hear his recommendations on how to travel with a clear conscience in the age of climate change.

Plus, South Dakota State University lecturer Amber Jensen's new memoir documents her love story. From a small-town South Dakota courtship to marriage to a deployment to Iraq, her book explores staying committed to another person even through deep, personal change.

Learn more about "The Smoke of You: A Memoir of Love During & After Deployment."

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