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Addressing a sports controversy & building South Dakota's workforce

Craig Wollman

On today's In the Moment...

SDPB's Jordan Rusche checked in on a team from South Dakota State University answering an international challenge. Learn about their rover design and where it may land.

A week ago, the Aberdeen Christian Knights beat the White River Tigers 70-65 in the Class B boys state basketball tournament. But a scoring discrepancy was discovered late in the game.

Dan Swartos, Ed.D., is the executive director of the South Dakota High School Activities Association. He joins to explain what happened and what remedies may exist.

The Build Dakota Scholarship Fund was created to address South Dakota's workforce shortage. We discuss how the scholarship seeks to empower students, businesses and the state's economic well-being.

A South Dakota state champion joins In the Moment to spell out how she obtained her victory. Charli Fickbohm will head to the Scripps National Spelling Bee after winning her school, regional and state spelling bee championships.

She joins In the Moment with her dad, Darrel.

Plus, Tempe Javitz saw her grandmother's photos displayed on her family home's walls and assumed she was famous. When she learned no one else had heard of her grandmother, she set out to introduce Jessamine Spear Johnson's work to the world.

Learn about her new book "Bighorn Visions" from the South Dakota Historical Society Press.

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