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Bank closures & runs bring out strong emotions

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Where should you put your hard-earned money? A piggy bank? A national bank? Or how about the stock market?

On today's In the Moment...

Regulators moved in and shut down Silicon Valley Bank last week. With that and other scary headlines splashed across the economics pages, how could your finances be affected?

And what should you do to prepare?

First, take a moment to think through your feelings. Are you anxious about your own investments? Rick Kahler is a financial therapist, and he's here to help.

We'll also hear legislative debate on educational exceptions to the drinking age.

And, if there are no houses up for sale on reservation land, does that mean many people in those communities are cut off from homeownership? Not necessarily. Learn how the Lakota Federal Credit Union is trying to help.

We'll also talk to Gary Oppenheimer. He's trying to connect farmers and gardeners with food pantries. He's especially interested in addressing food insecurity on tribal reservations. Learn about

Plus, several golden statutes were handed out last night. Who won big and who was snubbed? Rai Genna, Ph.D., has your Oscars recap.

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