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Truth in labeling & the brief resurrection of the food tax cut

Image by Jeremy Smith from Pixabay

On today's In the Moment...

Guest host Cara Hetland dives into several topics.

There are new proposed rules around which meat products can have a "Product of USA" and "Made in the USA" label. We talk to farmers and advocates who've been pushing for this change for decades.

The food tax cut proposal was briefly back on the table before it was once again resigned to the legislative trash heap. We'll hear Senators debate the proposal in their own words.

Sure, a cut in the food tax would help ease the pain of inflation at the checkout lane. But some South Dakotans need more to get food on their table. We'll talk with Rev. Jeff Hayes from the Faith Temple Food Giveaway about his important work.

The South Dakota School for the Deaf is undergoing a name change. Learn more from Kim Wadsworth, superintendent of the South Dakota Services for the Deaf.

As you age, you can still get moving. We'll discuss geriatric fitness with physical therapist Becca Jordre, Ph.D.

Plus, you'll hear them on this show and on the sidelines. We meet the announcers of the upcoming girls high school state basketball tournaments.

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Cara Hetland is the Director of Radio and Journalism Content for South Dakota Public Broadcasting.
Ellen Koester is a producer of In the Moment, SDPB's daily news and culture broadcast.