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US debt ceiling: $31.4 trillion & (hopefully) rising

Rosa Jundt
Rosa Jundt

On today's In the Moment...

Joe Santos, Ph.D., is here to explain what exactly the debt ceiling is and what happens if Congress fails to raise it. The consequences could be dire.

If you're losing sleep over that scary economic possibility, Jill Kruse, D.O., from On Call with the Prairie Doc would like a word. She joins to explain the health benefits of a good night's rest. And if you're struggling falling asleep or staying asleep, then that could be a sign of a lurking disorder.

Chris Huber of the Black Hills Area Community Foundation joins to talk about a number smaller than the debt ceiling but big enough to make a huge impact. A $3 million grant from the Bush Foundation will support and expand affordable housing in Rapid City.

Plus, we'll look at the past and future of South Dakota film.

Marty Watson is an anti-racism scholar from Gregory County in South Dakota. That's where legendary Black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux homesteaded at the turn of the century. Watson discusses Micheaux's life and legacy as a groundbreaking creator.

Brian Hoesing is offering a vision of present and future South Dakota filmmaking. He joins to discuss his thrilling and chilling short films.

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