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Retired coach John Stiegelmeier's ultimate prize

Coach Stig retired after 26 years of being South Dakota State University's winningest football coach. His career was crowned with a national championship, but that was never his main goal.

Café in the Capitol
Take a taste of the political respite the Olson family runs in the basement of the South Dakota Capitol building. The café feeds lawmakers, lobbyists, staffers, visitors and more.
Not all memory loss is tied to dementia
Is it common forgetfulness? Or a sign of a serious cognitive decline? Kelly Evans-Hullinger, M.D., from On Call with the Prairie Doc is here to help listeners think it through.
20 years in public health
Jill Franken's time working as public health director for Sioux Falls shaped her views on health care. Listen to her story and why she supports Medicaid expansion.
Where politics & religion intersect
Bishop Constanze Hagmaier joined In the Moment to recap Interfaith Day at the State Capitol. She celebrates freedom of religion, diversity and God's grace, along with sharing a message of peace.

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