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Seeing stars and snowflakes across South Dakota

In the Moment brings you Monday Macro on a Tuesday. We go stargazing with Joe Santos, give you an update on the historic snowstorm in Sioux Falls and more.

Sioux Falls snowstorm update
Peter Rogers is a warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He talks about road conditions, snowfall rate and what happens next.
Rebuilding after an EF2 tornado
In summer 2022, a tornado touched down in Castlewood, South Dakota. The damage centered on the school and tore its roof off. We return to the small town to learn about "Castlewood strong all along."
Modeling with the stars
Joe Santos pops in for another macroeconomics lesson. Learn how experts make economic models by comparing real equilibrium levels (such as those measured by y, r and p ) with optimal levels, or y*, r* and p*.

Read Santos' full blog post.

A history of the Ellsworth Air Force Base
As the United States entered World War II, a new air base was established in Rapid City. Learn about the life of the Ellsworth Air Force Base, including when it got that name, and what's happening there now.
Organize in the new year
Don't wait for spring to clean. Start fresh in 2023 with help from professional organizer Mrg Simon. Hear her tips and tricks to reinvent your space.

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