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Political Junkies: The year's top political stories

Rosa Jundt
Rosa Jundt

The Political Junkies sat down with Lori Walsh to recap the biggest political stories to hit the airwaves in 2022. Plus, meet a second-generation Santa Claus.

On today's show …

Cryptocurrency in cold storage
While the cryptocurrency exchange company FTX is under bankruptcy proceedings, a South Dakota trust company is helping secure its remaining assets.
The human in the white coat
When a doctor breezes into the hospital room or clinic, they can seem like a larger-than-life figure. Dr. Jill Kruse from On Call with the Prairie Doc® discusses the importance of acknowledging the humanity of medical professionals and the power of admitting mistakes.
End-of-year political headline roundup
Jonathan Ellis, a reporter with The Dakota Scout, and Seth Tupper, editor-in-chief of South Dakota Searchlight, join Lori Walsh to recap and reminisce about the year's top political stories.
When ho ho ho runs in the family
Bill Stevens remembers thinking his childhood Santa's boots looked an awful lot like his grandfather's boots. Now, he brings Christmas magic to life for his grandchildren as a second-generation Santa Claus.
Pactola Reservoir repairs: A trout fisherman's perspective
Repairs done to the Pactola Reservoir may have endangered the next generation of wild brown trout. Kevin Woster discusses the simple beauty of the fish, the importance of the natural fishery and when the long-term impacts will become clear.
Wishing you a very humorous holiday season
Dorothy Rosby celebrates all holidays big and small in her new book "Tis the Season to Feel Inadequate." She joins Lori Walsh to laugh about the everyday parts of special occasions.

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