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Investing ethically and persuading like a pro

SDPB: Investing ethically can be a balancing act.
Gary Waters
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Ethical investing can be a balancing act between growing your investments and putting your money where your values are.

Seeing your money grow is probably your main concern while investing but can you also use your dollars to do some good in the world? Plus, how to persuade instead of write off your politically opposing loved ones.

On today's show …

Daktronics' financial troubles
According to a filing last week, Daktronics is facing financial pressure due to supply chain woes and inflation concerns. SDPB's CJ Keene listened in on a company investor meeting for an update.
The art of persuasion
If you think it's impossible to persuade people in polarizing times, then Anand Giridharadas' "The Persuaders: At the Front Lines of the Fight for Hearts, Minds, and Democracy" may change your mind. Learn how to become a better persuader and why it matters.
Take stock of your investment portfolio
Rick Kahler, a wealth advisor and financial therapist, discusses the intricacies of investing with your values. Is it possible? Plus, take a moment to look back on "Don't Jerk and Drive," an infamous innuendo-filled South Dakota ad campaign.
Women in animal science
Of all students pursuing animal science degrees at South Dakota State University, 80% are women. Meet some of the faces of this trend. Plus, treat your ears to Dr. Joseph Bottum's poem "Reading by Osmosis."

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