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Where Republicans go now: Trump and Noem's plans after the midterms

Governor's Office
Governor's Office

On today's show …

An October press release from the SDSU Poll caused a political stir when it revealed how close the race for governor was. In November, however, Governor Noem won reelection by a wide margin. Was the poll wrong? SDSU Poll Director David Wiltse, Ph.D., responds.

David Wiltse and Lisa Hager discuss the ongoing battle for control in Washington after the recent election. Plus, Governor Kristi Noem stood at a podium with a "Kristi Noem: America's Governor" seal on election night. What does that signal for her national political ambitions?

On January 20, 1980, a mysterious plane lands in a field near Akaska, South Dakota. A four-engine DC-7 carrying marijuana worth millions of dollars had snuck across the border. Filmmaker Justin Koehler tells the story of a group of ice fishermen who helped police make one of the biggest drug busts in state history.

Tomorrow night's On Call with the Prairie Doc® on SDPB TV is hosted by Dr. Deb Johnston. Dr. Johnston and her panel spend the hour fielding your questions on anything that you would like to know more about.

Plus, we remember words of wisdom from Lakota elder and educator Jace DeCory who died last week. We share audio from our 2016 interview.

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