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Inquiry and education: Standards for what and how kids think

Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

On today's show …

Decades before the internet, social media existed in the form of community newspaper columns. Even today, thanks to dedicated volunteers, these columns continue to thrive in some rural newspapers. Lura Roti has the story.

What do the smallest particles of matter hold and how can they help us understand space and time? Experimental particle physicist Nigel Lockyer visits our studio to talk about neutrinos

The state Department of Education is hosting a series of public hearings regarding revisions of the K-12 Social Studies standards. The process has become embroiled in controversy, particularly surrounding anything that hints at Critical Race Theory in South Dakota schools. The next meeting is Monday in Sioux Falls. University of Sioux Falls Professor Stephen Jackson is a member of the 2021 Social Studies Work Group. He wrote about the process for the magazine of the American Historical Association.

In 1990, South Dakota became the first state to recognize the second Monday in October as Native American Day rather than Columbus Day. But it wasn't exactly Columbus Day in South Dakota either. Kevin Woster wonders if that level of partnership would be possible in today's political environment.

Plus, David Herstrud and Larry Rohrer unveil parts of the “Top Albums of the Year” list with a new episode of Fresh Tracks.

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