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Recognizing child abuse and what you should do

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On today's show …

Election day is next week. Voters will decide on Initiated Measure 27. It's a measure that would legalize the possession, use, and distribution of marijuana in South Dakota. Yesterday we heard from advocates of the measure. Today we hear from the opponents. Jackie Hendry has the story.

On November 9th, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments concerning the Indian Child Welfare Act. Under ICWA, Native children removed from their homes are placed with relatives, their tribe, or other Native families. The purpose is to keep children close to their own heritage and to protect the continued autonomy of tribal nations. Victoria Wicks reports.

Is it possible to end child sexual abuse in South Dakota? The Center for the Prevention of Childhood Maltreatment has a plan. Leaders of the organization are under no illusions about the complexity of the problem. But they also know the power of education, infrastructure, and response services. We welcome Director Carrie Sanderson.

To report child abuse or neglect call1-877-244-0864. South Dakota Department of Social Services intake specialists are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If reporting before 8 a.m., after 5 p.m., on the weekends or during a holiday, please contact local law enforcement. Always call 911 if a child is in immediate danger!

The Good Night Theatre Collective presents “Salem,” a dramatic original musical by playwright Luke Tatge. it’s one of the collective’s most ambitious productions yet. It's also a dramatic departure from Tatge's previous work. He joins us from our Sioux Falls Studio.

Plus, a new episode of Fresh Tracks. David and Larry Rohrer present new jazz, desert blues, a new treatment of a classic 60's song, and a surprise ending with another classic female voice.

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