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From Europe, to the Hamptons, to Sioux Falls: Adventures in the arts

Beatrice Grover, Guild Hall in Autumn, 1977
Photo Credit: Carl Norquist
Guild Hall: An Adventure in the Arts
Beatrice Grover, Guild Hall in Autumn, 1977

On today's show …

Election day is next week. Voters will decide on Initiated Measure 27. It's a measure that would legalize the possession, use, and distribution of marijuana in South Dakota.Jackie Hendry has the story.

At the core of every new business project in the state, whether it’s a pipeline or a meatpacking plant, are people working to make them happen. Often, citizen groups stand in opposition, with concerns about the impact of business growth and development. SDPB’s C.J. Keene takes a look at how those interests can play out.

American travel writer and television personality Rick Steves has a new mini-series called “Art of Europe.” This 6-week series can be seen on SDPB TV. Rick Steves joins the show with more.

An exhibition featuring work from some of the nation's greatest artists is open now at the Washington Pavilion. Guild Hall, featuring artwork from Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Chuck Close, and others arrives in Sioux Falls. We talk with curator Cody Henrichs.

Plus, why would you gather people who snipe at each other online together in a field with loaded shotguns? Kevin Woster welcomes the return of the Mount Blogmore hunt.

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Lori Walsh is the host and senior producer of In the Moment.
Chris is a producer for In the Moment.
Carl Norquist is a producer and writer for In the Moment. An EMMY-winning producer, Carl previously worked for KTIV News 4 in Sioux City, IA. Carl is a Minnesota native and graduate of Augustana University with majors in Art and English.
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