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Election finance report, plus the faith and future of country churches

Deep Creek Lutheran Church
Justin Koehler
Deep Creek Lutheran Church

On today's show …

SDSU President Barry Dunn is a recipient of the 2022 Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education in recognition of the school's Wokini initiative. We talk with President Dunn about innovation, elevating human potential, and his thoughts on winning what is known as the "Nobel Prize of Education."

We Meet the Candidates for state house and senate for the 2022 election. Bill Shorma, a Republican, is running for state representative in District 17.

Finance reports are out and the gap in monies between South Dakota candidates is significant. What can we learn from the upcoming debates? Dakota Political Junkies Seth Tupper and Jon Hunter are with us.

Deep Creek Lutheran Church says they may be small, but they are big in faith. Filmmaker Justin Koehler travels to the remote congregation in Haakon county to learn about the church’s early history and to ponder the future of small county parishes.

Stepping up to care for an elderly friend or family member is no easy task. There are resources and support to assist. Dr. Jill Kruse joins us for On Call with the Prairie Doc®.

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