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Resilience and dance: a celebration of Native pride at the Black Hills He Sapa Wacipi

Black Hills pow wow
Stephen Yellowhawk
Black Hills pow wow

On today's show …

The ongoing pinch of inflation: What does it mean for business in South Dakota, and what does it have to do with the 1970s? We talk about monetary policy with South Dakota State University professor Joe Santos and preview the 2022 Economic Outlook Seminar in Sioux Falls.

We Meet the Candidates for state house and senate for the 2022 election. Shane Milne, a Democrat, is running for state representative in District 22.

An infamous 1890 letter played a role in instigating the Wounded Knee Massacre. We pause to reflect on "This Week in South Dakota History."

We also preview the 2022 Black Hills Pow Wow. Dew Bad Warrior joins us for a look at one of the continent's premier American Indian cultural events.

Plus, Folk singer/songwriter Jami Lynn takes the stage next week for Prairie Songs. The concert, presented by Friends of SDPB, showcases folk music and jazz from South Dakota musicians. We’ll reconnect with Lynn for a Moment in Sound.

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