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The 'Thread of War' with DAV leadership

Hugh van Es / Bettman - Corbis
National Museum of American Diplomacy / diplomacy.state.gov
A member of the CIA helps evacuees up a ladder onto an Air America helicopter on the roof of a hotel half a mile from the Embassy, April 29, 1975, shortly before Saigon fell to advancing North Vietnamese troops. Dutch photojournalist Hubert van Es took the iconic photo from the offices of the United Press International.

On today's show...

We talk with national DAV representatives Andy Marshall & Carmen McGinnis about the thread of connection between Vietnam veterans and those who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Seth Tupper has a story of swamping medical debt and the quest for solvency.

Victoria Wicks reports on an interim legislative committee studying South Dakota jail capacity.

Kevin Woster goes fishing for a conversation and finds a congressman far from home.

Lura Roti has the story of a photographer and his hobby of exploring South Dakota images.

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