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Training for small business executives, the history of privacy, and the 2022 Bush Fellows

Lori Walsh

On today's show...

The program Emerging Leaders has been reimagined and is now THRIVE. That stands for Train, Hope, Rise, Innovate, Venture, and Elevate. The program aims to train executives of high-performing small businesses.

The Bush Foundation has announced its 2022 Fellows. The fellowship recognizes people with remarkable vision who are transforming their communities. This is a place-based fellowship focused on South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and the 23 Native nations who share the same geography. Today we're getting to know the South Dakota Bush Fellows. First up, Erin Griffin from Sisseton and the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate.

Amy Gajda is one of the country's top experts on privacy and the media. She's a law scholar at Tulane University. Her book is called "Seek and Hide: The Tangled History of the Right to Privacy."

A new SDSU poll finds many South Dakota Republicans are unsure about their vote for U.S. Senate during the upcoming primary. And while the pollsters say it's doubtful Senator John Thune should be worried, SDPB's Kevin Wosterwonders what the poll indicates about voters.

The Bush Foundation has introduced its 2022 Fellows. Joining us now we have two fellows with connections to South Dakota Public Broadcasting.
Tashina Banks Rama is executive vice president of Red Cloud Indian School. She oversees a truth and healing initiative to address generational harm caused by U.S. boarding school policies. She also serves on the SDPB Friends board of directors. Lori Walsh is host of SDPB's In the Moment and is also a 2022 Bush Fellow.

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