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A controversial project hoping to make ethanol a net-zero carbon fuel

As of 2018, South Dakota ranks as the nation's 6th largest ethanol producer. There are ethanol plants across the state, including Big Stone, Chancellor, Groton, Hudson, and Mitchell.

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The pandemic had many working from home or remotely. That would, in turn, put fewer people on the roadways which should lessen the number of traffic crashes. Recent findings say otherwise. Shawn Steward, the manager of Public and Government Affairs with AAA South Dakota and AAA Kansas, joins us with more.

There are several procedural maneuvers available to Legislators to manage or rewrite a bill. Such was the case this week for Senate Bill 117 on the House floor. It was written as legislation to reduce certain fees charged by the Secretary of State but was completely re-written, or in the legislative vernacular, "Hog Housed" into a bill that would eliminate the four and a half percent state sales tax on food. We listen to the floor debate to learn how that happened.

Summit Carbon Solutions is planning a large-scale carbon capture and sequestration project in South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska. It's a massive carbon infrastructure project with the goal of making ethanol a net-zero carbon fuel, but it's not without controversy. Though the project would have the capacity to store the equivalent of 2.6 million vehicle emissions permanently, environmental groups point out that's not the same thing as getting 2.6 million vehicles off the road. Other environmental leaders say carbon capture is a vital part of combating the crisis of climate change. Chris Hill is director of environmental and permitting for Summit Carbon Solutions, and he joins us with more

The shortest campaign in South Dakota History? Maybe. Democrat Ryan Ryder ended his congressional run after just two days. His perspective candidacy was abruptly cut short after posts surface on Twitter that were almost unanimously seen as threatening. Ryder claims he was being sarcastic. He joins a growing club of lawmakers who've caught flack for their ill-advised social media comments. Long-time South Dakota journalist Kevin Wooster joins the today to discuss his new blog about the incident and why Ryder's withdrawal should be a teachable moment.

Dewey Lynore hails from the folk tradition of using music for storytelling. The duo is made up of Tessa and Jon Bates, and together they have been making music for nearly two decades. They join us today for a "Moment in Sound."

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