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Thune on Ukraine, and SD's trust industry faces increased scrutiny


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On today's show

It's been about a week since Russia launched a large scale military attack on Ukraine. Approximately a million refugees have fled the nation. The Ukrainian military defense includes thousands of volunteer troops training to defend their homeland for the first time. Meanwhile, the U.S. has increased economic sanctions on Russia. The call for further sanctions on the Russian energy sector is increasing, as is the call for scrutiny of Russian wealth held in private trusts in the U.S.

 Simply Smiles is an organization that is building an intentional community on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation for foster families so Native American children can heal from their trauma and fulfill their potential as successful adults. SDPB's Richard Two Bulls joins us with more.

The South Dakota Trust industry is facing increased scrutiny over money held in the state privately. But is South Dakota really harboring ill-gotten gains and enabling international corruption? We look at the fight against corruption as a national security effort. And we'll ask the questions: Is the state's trust industry vulnerable to corruption, or is it merely being used as a political punching bag? Our guest is journalist Casey Michel. His book is called American Kleptocracy: How the U.S. Created the World's Greatest Money Laundering Scheme in History.

Where did the first Americans come from? Ben Jones is South Dakota's state historian. He tackles the quesiton with paleogeneticist Jennifer Raff on the latest episode of the podcast History 605. Ben Jones joins us for a preview.

This week’s episode of Fresh Tracks with David Hersrud looks at new albums out now in 2022, North Mississippi All Stars, Bob Wier with the Wolf Brothers and more.

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