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The impact of sanctions on Russia, and quarreling over vaccine exemptions


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On today's show

Under the direction of President Biden, stronger sanctions have been placed against Russia. This comes after further Russian troop movements in Ukraine. This first round of sanctions has Russia's financial system as the target. How does this impact the United States? Tim Schorn is director of international studies and associate professor of political science at the University of South Dakota.

A cancer diagnosis puts fear in anyone involved. Some, perhaps most, cancers are of no fault of the person diagnosed. We do have the ability to choose not to do certain things that may lead to cancer. Kelly Evans, MD is a member of the On Call with the Prairie Doc® team.

Dakota Political Junkies: Jon Hunter is publisher emeritus for the Madison Daily Leader. He joins us for analysis on some of the state legislature's legacy work this session. We talk workforce development, bridges and roads, and infrastructure projects.

The 50th anniversary of the Black Hills Flood of 1972 on June 9th is a time to honor the 238 lives lost. It also brings a flood of memories for survivors. Some of those survivors are telling their stories to SDPB’s Seth Tupper. Every week between now and the anniversary, we’ll bring you one of those stories.

This week, we hear from Kay Schriever of Rapid City. She was in a car with five other teenagers near Rapid Creek when they were hit by a flood surge. Three of the teens died, including Kay’s close friend, Gayle Nemeti. When Kay went to identify Gayle’s body at a funeral home, there were so many victims that bodies were laid on sheets in a garage.

Educational outcomes for Native American students have lagged behind others in South Dakota for decades. A bill to create schools based on regional tribes’ language and culture is before lawmakers for the third year in a row. Proponents say it’s time for the state to try something different. Opponents say the proposed process could harm public schools.

The state wrestling tournaments begin Thursday and run through Saturday. All classes are in Sioux Falls and held at the Denny Sanford Premier Center. For almost 50 years, Jim Kocer has been involved in wrestling in South Dakota and has been to every tournament since 1975. We have an excerpt from the latest In Play podcast hosted by Craig Mattick.

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