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Labor-saving automation, and the 'Cancer Moonshot'

Jenn Liv

On today's show

Shankar Kurra, MD, is here with our weekly South Dakota COVID-19 update. We talk about hospital capacity, crisis communication, and the call for vaccinations.

In 2016, then-Vice-President Joe Biden led the Cancer Moonshot for the Obama administration. This program has been resurrected by President Joe Biden. It has a lofty goal of reducing death rates from cancer by 50 percent over the next 25 years. What does this mean for South Dakota doctors and patients? Steven Powell, MD, is an oncology and hematology specialist with Sanford Health.

The pandemic has caused labor shortages in every facet of the economy. It's also forced many businesses to resort to automation of sorts. What are the implications of labor saving automation? Joe Santos, Ph.D., is professor of economics and Dykhouse Scholar of money, banking, and regulation at South Data State University.

In 1900, a small hole in the ground with cold air coming from it was discovered. Upon making this hole larger, a pair of brothers found several calcite crystals shining in the light. Jewel Cave is 13 miles west of Custer. In 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt made this a national monument.

Dakota Territory was formed in 1861 and 14 counties in South Dakota were established. Today's Images of the Past will look into Union County which is located in southeast South Dakota.

It all began by singing in choir and church. Since 5th grade Soleil Bashale and his family have been singing together. As an adult, Soleil is still making music. His song "Red Eyes" has almost 3 million views on Spotify. Soleil is with us for a "Moment in Sound" segment.

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