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What our COVID numbers tell us, and a lack of snowfall in the Black Hills

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Hanna Barczyk for NPR

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On today's show

Lack of snowfall in the Black Hills exposes soils and vegetation which then dry even further. Darren Clabo, Ph.D., is the South Dakota State Fire Meteorologist. He joins us to talk about fire danger and the drought outlook in the Black Hills.

The House Judiciary Committee is considering a proposal that would place restrictions on how state and local law enforcement officers might be able to assist federal authorities. We listen in to a summary of arguments during the debate on House Bill 1052 “An act to place limitations on the enforcement of federal laws and directives related to firearms and ammunition.”

South Dakota Mines epidemiologist Elizabeth Racz, Ph.D., joins us for a look at the state's COVID numbers. How many South Dakotans have died from COVID after the availability of vaccines? How has Omicron impacted the infection rate in the state? What do the numbers tell us about what stage of the pandemic we are in?

Take A Moment: Kirk Wallman comes from the First Family of South Dakota wrestling. He won six state wrestling titles for Freeman back in the 1980s. He had a career 201 wins and no losses. It's been 33 years since his last title. Craig Mattick caught up with Kirk Wallman for the podcast In Play and asked him what he remembers from his time on the mat.

Is it time for leading Republicans to "pick a side" between former President Donald Trump and the U.S. Constitution? Veteran journalist Kevin Woster joins us for a look at the insurrection litmus test and how it is impacting GOP politics. Find his work online at sdpb.org/woster.

The women take the stage for the alt-rock band "Purple Honey." For today's Moment in Sound, we get to know NaTasha Carmen. Carmen plays synthesizer for the band. She's also the cofounder of The Cave Collective in Rapid City.

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