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The technologies of 2022 you'll soon be seeing everywhere


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On today's show

  • Pam Cole is a Medicaid expansion advocate who worked with Dakotans for Health to get Medicaid expansion on the November 2022 ballot. She joins us to explain upcoming opportunities for voters to weigh in on Medicaid expansion in the state.
  • The incorporated town of Whiteclay, Nebraska, was once rife with liquor stores, public intoxication, and law enforcement confrontations, leaving deep scars on the people of Pine Ridge, which is located just two miles north of Whiteclay. The liquor stores are closed now, and the people of the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation are seeking to change the narrative of the land to focus on healing, connection, and traditional Lakota values. SDPB's Richard Two Bulls joins us with an update.
  • Tech Talk with Kent Osborne. The pandemic sent millions of workers into work-from-home ad-hoc office configurations. Nearly two years later, how are tech companies catching up to the demand for at-home systems that meet the needs of today's remote workers? SDPB's Kent Osborne joins us with insight and gear reviews.
  • Today's Poetry from Studio 47 features the work of poet Tina Chang
  • A quirky donation to the South Dakota State Archives offered insight into the campaign plan of gubernatorial candidate George Mickelson. State Historian Ben Jones joins us for a look at how a governor was made.
  • Fresh Tracks with David Hersrud dives in to the music business, including the financial limitations of streaming, the importance of live performances, what artists are doing to capitalize on money-making brand extensions, and how much it costs to become Snoop Dog's "virtual neighbor."
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