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Theology & Spider-Man, sustaining the forest, and the state's appraisal program

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Peter Parker first dons his Spider-Man disguise.

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On today's show

SDPB's Lee Strubinger joins us from Pierre following testimony from the former head of the state appraiser certification program, which is wrapped up in a controversy involving the governor and her daughter.

Philosopher George Tsakaridis joins us with a preview of the forthcoming book Theology and Spider-Man. We'll talk about sin, salvation and what the shocking transformation of everyman Peter Parker tells us about American pop culture.

We Take A Moment to explore the South Dakota roots of one of the hottest songs of 2021. Musician Leo Vondracek joins us for a look at the song "Puppy Princess" and how it became a TikTok sensation after seven years of obscurity.

Forester Dave Mertz says the Black Hills National Forest simply cannot sustain current logging levels. We talk with Mertz about the detailed science of the General Technical Report along with what Mertz says the forest is already revealing about over-harvesting.

Sharing Christmas wishes with Santa is a time-honored tradition with many children. In rural communities across South Dakota, volunteers grow out their beards and don the red suit to keep the holiday tradition alive. SDPB's Lura Roti has the story.

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