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Bishops talk the future of faith, Johnson talks infrastructure and the meat supply chain

Studies of Hands Clasped in Prayer
Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund
Studies of Hands Clasped in Prayer, Jacopo Guarana (artist) Italian, 1720 - 1808

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On August 9, 2019, a fire in the Tyson beef packing plant in Holcomb, Kan., led to a major disruption in the American beef supply chain. That was followed, in 2020, by the pandemic, when packing house workers fell ill from COVID across the nation, disrupting things further. U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson has introduced the Cattle Contract Library Act. He joins us for a look at what we learned from recent disruptions in the cattle, packing, and beef industry. He also talks about the role of transparency in solving the problem.

U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson is also proposing legislation that would allow states to use unspent COVID relief monies for infrastructure, disaster relief, and housing projects. In South Dakota that would move $375 million into play. Rep. Johnson explains how delays in the federal infrastructure bill process are impacting South Dakota's infrastructure. I spoke with him on Wednesday.

A conversation about faith, transition, and holy anger. ELCA Bishop Constanze Hagmaier and Bishop Megan Rohrer sit down together to talk about the future of faith in America. Bishop Hagmaier leads the South Dakota Synod, ELCA. Bishop Rohrer serves the Sierra Pacific Synod, ELCA.

Dodie Brown set out on a mission to modernize hospice care in South Dakota. She did this in the early 1980's with support from the Bush Foundation. Today we learn about that journey in her own words.

Moment in Sound: Musician Scott Simpson has long had a complicated relationship with religious hymns and sacred music. In 2021, he completed a musical project that had him exploring his shifting relationship toward Christianity while revisiting many of the hymns he first heard in childhood. For today's Moment in Sound he discusses his latest musical release "Hymnautica."

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