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Analyzing the inflation blame-game, talking biodefense with Tom Daschle

Willem de Kooning
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U.S. Department of State
Willem de Kooning

In the Moment is SDPB’s daily news and arts program.

Twenty years after deadly anthrax spores were sent across the nation targeting top U.S. officials, South Dakota's former U.S. Senator Tom Daschle says the U.S. still does not have an adequate biodefense plan in place. Daschle joins us to discuss the report "Saving Sisyphus: Advanced Biodetection for the 21st Century."

Korva Coleman has been with NPR for 3 decades. We know her as the voice of newscasts during Moring Edition, and All Things Considered. She joins us today as part of our October spotlight celebrating 50 years of NPR.

Federal Reserve policymakers say inflation is running hotter than expected. South Dakotans are still seeing pandemic economic disruption such as supply chain bottlenecks and rising prices. SDSU macroeconomist Joe Santos walks us through the blame game, the goal of equilibrium, and how household behavior complicates the inflationary picture.

John Dutton of Rapid City was the fifth overall pick in the 1974 NFL Draft. He would star for the Baltimore Colts and Dallas Cowboys. SDPB's Nate Wek focuses on Dutton's career in this "South Dakota Almanac."

A man's best friend can also be their best assistant. Mobridge ranch manager David Dagley relies on a team of trained cowdogs to help him manage cattle. But he also trains his own cowdogs for competitions and for other ranchers.

Dave Dolan is the subject of In Play with Craig Mattick. Dolan coached track and field for more than four decades in Rapid City.

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