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The cost of extreme frugality, and making the shift from saving to spending

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In the Moment is SDPB’s daily news and arts program.

How close are we to securing a COVID vaccine for children younger than 12? Dr. Shankar Kurra with Monument Health joins us for a South Dakota COVID update.

Two faculty members of South Dakota State University's School of Communication and Journalism found an opportunity in the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building to research the motives of compulsive social media use during a breaking news event. We talk about what they discovered and what it means for future breaking news.

Extreme frugality has its cost. We talk with wealth manager and financial therapist Rick Kahler about the challenges of making the shift from saving to spending.

On this date in South Dakota History Arlette Schwietzer gave birth to her own grandchildren (1991).

Marcus LaVake of Hagerty's Music in Rapid City says guitar sales have been brisk since the start of COVID.

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