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When elites move millions here, leaving their communities and countries behind

Joshua Haiar

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Debbie Cenziper joins SDPB's Lori Walsh to discuss Cenziper and her team at the Washington Post's recent reporting on the Pandora Papers and to explain why it all matters to South Dakotans.

What's at stake when the wealthiest in the world opt out of the taxation process in their own countries and place that money here in South Dakota? Oliver Bullough is the author of an article in the Guardian titled, "The great American tax have: why the super-rich love South Dakota."

Steve Misener has a world-class collection of pianos and organs that he stores in a couple of buildings - in Stockholm, South Dakota. SDPB's Brian Gevik tells about Misener and his collection in Images of the Past.

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