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Meet the FDNY chief who first responded to 9/11


Drought in South Dakota continues even with recent precipitation. Darren Clabo is the state fire meteorologist. He joins us with details.

We hear a conversation with Larry Parkinson. Parkinson served as general counsel for the FBI. He reflects on being in the FBI headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue on September 11, 2001.

This week marks 20 years since the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists. Joseph Pfeifer was the first FDNY chief to respond and now has written a book. He joins us today to reflect on that day.

South Dakota Almanac features Warren Williamson, a long-time wrestling coach who campaigned to get school districts to add wrestling to their athletic programs.

Erik Helland of Landscape Garden Centers of Sioux Falls wraps up the season of South Dakota Home Garden by talking about winterizing from "top to bottom."

In Play with Craig Mattick covers the career of Lolly Forseth, a member of seven halls of fame. Forseth won 11 state gymnastics titles as a head coach in Sioux Falls. She is also the first female activities director in South Dakota.

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