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Innovation: Moisture Levels In Soybeans


As fall harvest is underway in South Dakota, we’re hearing about moisture levels in soybeans. We’re hearing about semi’s starting fire and the potential of fire at grain elevators.  I was curious about the spontaneous combustion of soybeans.  We start this conversation understanding moisture in soybeans.  Darren Hefty is with the Ag PhD program.  He also farms and has a seed business.  We spoke earlier this week.

New technology can help producers dry their harvest.  Ryan Wagner farms in Day County.  He talked recently with SDPB’s Andrew Bork about how he uses bin driers and technology in his operations.

We’re talking about the fall harvest – technology and the science behind moisture in the crops.

Dr. Ranjit Koodali teaches chemistry at the University of South Dakota. He joins me in our Vermillion studios today.

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