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Deadwood History Dinosaur Workshop

Courtesy Deadwood History, Inc.

If you’ve ever wondered what Loch Ness, Scotland and Deadwood, South Dakota have in common, you may be able to find the answer this weekend. The Adams Museum is hosting Deadwood History’s Dinosaur Workshop this Saturday where the main focus has a very famous cousin in the Scottish Highlands.
Sightings of a large water creature in Loch Ness considered to be an ancient – and extinct – plesiosaur have been circulating in Scotland since the seventh century. And though many doubt the existence of “Nessie”, there’s no question that a rare plesiosaur fossil resides in the Adams Museum.

Credit Photo by Sam Fentress
More than 3000 sightings of an alleged plesiosaur - nicknamed "Nessie" have been reported at or near Loch Ness, Scotland.

According to Deadwood History’s Education Director Shantel Herman, what makes the Adams Museum plesiosaur special begins at its neck.

“He is the only plesiosaur that has been found that has a long neck and a long head,” explains Herman. “Traditionally plesiosaurs are found and they either have a long neck and a really small head or they have a really big head and a really small neck.”

Bill Haas is part of Deadwood History’s Dinosaur Workshop and will offer a talk about how his grandfather, Charles, found the plesiosaur. The day’s activities for students in grades K through 6 also include instruction on the many different kinds of plesiosaurs as well as classes on how to draw the ancient creatures.