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National Fossil Day in Hot Springs

Courtesy Mammoth Site

If you just can’t get enough of sciences that focus on the Earth, you’re in luck – because we’re right in the middle of Earth Science Week. The American Geosciences Institute organized the national and international science event to help the public gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth Sciences.

And if you like fossils, Wednesday you can hit the geology jackpot.

Fossils and Earth Sciences go together like the Mammoth Site and old bones. That’s why the Hot Springs paleontological site is hosting the 3rd Annual National Fossil Day.

Activities include creating a surface cast of an actual Mammoth tooth to take home for your collection and an Ice Age Art contest.

Mammoth Site director Dr. Larry Agenbroad says there’s also a “Prehistoric Antique” Road Show…no, really.

“We have several collectors that bring in things,” Agenbroad explains. “Sometimes it’s things that they don’t know what they’ve got…they want to have them identified. Sometimes it’s just to have people ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at them. Every now and then you’ll find they have something new and spectacular. Then I’ve got a category I call ‘Leaverites’…leave ‘er right where they found it because they aren’t a fossil," Agenbroad says.

National Fossil Day events at the Mammoth Site are free with admission and open to the public.