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2023 Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup sets attendance record

Chad Coppess
SD Tourism

This year’s Buffalo Roundup at Custer State Park was one for the record books.

State officials said 22,590 visitors attended the roundup last Friday. That breaks the previous attendance record of 22,078 set in 2015 during the 50th anniversary event.

The Custer State Park arts festival that runs concurrent with the roundup each year also strong attendance numbers.

"It's easy to say the event was a success because we set a record for attendance, but it's most important that everyone who attended had an awesome time," said Lydia Austin, Visitor Services Coordinator. "We were able to enjoy fantastic fall weather, great attendance at the Art's Festival, and everyone made memories that will last a lifetime."

The annual event serves as a way to help manage the park’s buffalo herd. Approximately 500 bison will be sold at the park's annual auction on Nov. 4.

Next year’s roundup is Sept. 27.

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